have your board built with quality equipment and Kester solder, or have it desoldered with a Hakko FR-301

*switch lubing not included

no through-holes

hotswap: $10

40% or smaller: $15

60% - TKL: $25

96/1800/full size: $30

millmax: $40

SwitchFilms (1).png

switch filming

greatly improves the acoustics of a switch while removing top housing wobble

our films: $0.15 / switch

your films: $0.10 / switch


switch lubing

creates a smoother typing experience by eliminating scratchiness and improving sound

our lube: $0.25 / switch
your lube: $0.15 / switch


stabilizer tuning

removes any rattle which improves the sound and feeling of stabilizers

dielectric or 205g0: $2/stab
XHT-BDZ: $3/stab


switch mods

whether it's a spring swap or frankenswitch, we got you. 

spring swap: $5
frankenswitch: $1 / 10 switches



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